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9:00 AM

Sioui Mitts Law

Monday Morning League

Convenor: Linda Tighe

Individual entry.  You can sign up for the whole season (approximately 24 weeks) or half-season.

Teams are formed by the league convenor, and reformed after each round robin draw.  There are generally 4 round robins.



5:45-6:45 PM

Learn To Curl League

Convenor: Bill Russell

This league will run for 8 weeks.

BRING: clean shoes with a grip.  WEAR: layers, warm clothing with some stretch

Other equipment will be provided.

The league will offer instruction and play among others learning the game. Participants may join the club for the balance of the year at half year membership with a 10% discount.


Mixed Doubles

9:00 & 10:45 AM

Convenor: Marcel Jonckheere

Team entry.  Draw is made at the beginning of the season, and runs for approximately 24 weeks.


6:30  PM (subject to change)

Mens and womens leagues run at the same time.

Desjardins Insurance (Carey Webb)

Tuesday Night Mens

Convenor: Bill Russell

Mens competitive league.

Team and individual entry. Efforts will be made to place individuals on a team. Teams play together for the entire 24 week season.

Tim Hortons (Cobourg/Colborne)

Tuesday Night Ladies

6:30 pm (subject to change)

Convenor: Lindsey Russell

Ladies league. Always a mix of experienced and new curlers.

Individual entry. Teams will be formed by the convenor, and reformed after each round robin draw.


6:00 PM & 8:00 PM

Mixed League

Convenor: Mark and Sherri Denton

Mixed league, 2 men + 2 women per team, if possible.

Team entry and individual entry.  Convenors will attempt to place individuals on a team. Couples can be placed on the same team depending on space.

League runs for the entire season (approximately 24 weeks) with several rounds, depending on the number of teams.


9:00 AM

Seasons Dufferin Centre

Thursday Seniors

Convenor: Jayne Thomas 

Mixed seniors league. Individual entry. Teams are formed by the convenor, and reformed for each round robin draw, so it is possible to play only part of the season if you travel for part of the winter.

6:30 PM

Tim Hortons (Cobourg/Colborne)

Thursday Night Cash

Convenor: Marcel Jonckheere

Open competitive cash league.

Team and individual entry. The convenor will try to place individuals on a team, depending on space available. Season runs for approximately 24 weeks.

Cost is $120 per team, and all members of the team must be club members.



Travelling Team

Teams travel weekly between Brighton, Stirling, and Trenton.

Discussions are under way to decide if the Travelling Team will take place this season.

6:30 PM

Trenton Golf Club

Friday Social League

Convenor: TBA

Mixed fun league. Snacks after games. Teams rotate throughout season.


Times and Dates TBA

Saturday Social League


Social Evenings will be organized one Saturday per month through the season, depending on ice availability.



1:30-2:30 PM


Youth Learn to Curl

Convenor: Bill Russell

Ages 10-14 , 6 weeks

Starting Oct 22, 2023, $60

The league offers coaching for beginners and skills development for returning curlers.

No special equipment necessary. Wear warm comfortable clothes. Bring CLEAN shoes that have good grip. You can bring a helmet.


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